Wilburn and Wilburn along with Elaine Wilburn

wilburn Don’t forget this Sunday morning at 10:45am, Wilburn and Wilburn along with Jonathan’s Mother Elaine Wilburn, will be singing in the morning service.

Wilburn and Wilburn is the Father/Son duo of Jonathan Wilburn and his son Jordan Wilburn. Jonathan sang for many years with his family. They performed as the Wilburns, Jonathan’s late father Jackie Wilburn, Jonathan’s Mother Elaine Wilburn (who will also be appearing) as well as a tenure by Tony Gore, Ricky Atkinson, Loren Harris, Aaron Wilburn, Tony Peace and many others.

The Wilburns are and were one of the great families of Southern Gospel Music. After leaving the Wilburns, Jonathan went on to sing for over 10 years with Gold City. Now, the Lord has called Jonathan and his son Jordan to embark on a new journey as Wilburn and Wilburn. Bible Baptist Church is honored to have them sing for us in the service.