The Prophets

“And the word of the Lord came unto me saying…” Many times in reading through Scripture we glance across this phrase with no thought as to the message that it is proclaiming. This phrase appears 258 times in our King James Bible. This was the authority on which the Prophets declared and delivered their message… it was “the Word of the Lord.” Not their own ideas or ideology… their own thoughts or theology… it was the Word of the Lord.

Through the Prophets God declared that Israel would go into captivity because of their transgressions in turning away from the Lord. Through the Prophets God spoke and encouraged his people in captivity and promised them relief and restoration.

Through the Prophets God spoke concerning the the birth, life, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus. Prophecies concerning the coming of the Lord, the tribulation period, the millennial reign of Christ the Battle of Armageddon and much more were declared by the phrase “and the word of the Lord came unto me saying”

So don’t overlook that little phrase… to the contrary… perk up and pay attention to what the Lord is about to say… it will be important.