What is Wicca, is Wicca witchcraft?

What is Wicca, is Wicca witchcraft, and is there such a thing as white magic? Wicca is a contemporary spiritual movement involving the practice of nature worship, magic, and witchcraft. Practitioners of Wicca may refer to their belief system as “Pagan Witchcraft,” “The Craft,” “The Craft of the Wise,” or “Neo-paganism.” Wicca was developed in

Praying Through Scripture

I personally make use of Scriptures in my private praying. I very frequently quote passages from the Bible as I pray… not to remind God… but to Reassure me… and to Rebuke Satan. Here are 9 verses from the King James Bible that would be good for you to memorize and use in your private

Psalm 119

Psalm 119 is the longest chapter in the Bible. For that reason, some Christians don’t always enjoy reading the entire Psalm. For it’s length, and because some tend to avoid it, I guess you could say that Psalms 119 gets an undeserved bad rap. In reality, Psalm 119 is one of if not the most