What makes a Christian?

From time to time, we need to be reminded of what it is that makes us Christians. It isn’t that we live perfect lives. It isn’t that we listen to the right music or don't watch certain movies, or read certain books or wear or don't wear certain clothes. We are Christians because we

Daily Devotions Starting December 14

The Devotions for the week starting December 14 is “Christmas Devotions with Paul Chappell” http://bible.com/r/5z7 If you have not received an invitation set up an account with YouVersion and add cwkerns as a friend and I will send you future

Read Through the King James Bible in 2021

We invite you to read through the King James Bible in the year 2021. If you've never read through the entire Bible I encourage you to complete this life changing task. We will start Lord willing Friday January 1, 2021 and complete December 31 2021. If you complete your Bible Reading at the end of