Homecoming 2019

Homecoming 2019 will once again feature the Hinson family, Weston (son of the late, great, Kenny Hinson) Weston's wife Christy Hinson and their daughter Jordy. Weston has inherited his daddy's unique voice and their sound is mixed with classic Hinson songs and new songs as well. They will be a blessing to you. Plan to

10 Verses from Psalms to Bring Peace

Here are 10 verses from the King James Bible found in the book of Psalms to pray with your children before bedtime. These are some great verses to help them memorize. For smaller children, just use a line or so. Consistency is the key. 1. Psalm 91:1-2 and 11 He that dwelleth in the secret place

VBS 2019

VBS 2019 was a great success. We praise the Lord there were 9 professions of faith in our teen class. Much seed was planted and we look forward to many more commitments. Thank you to everyone who donated their time, talents and resources to make this a great VBS... we could not have done