Bible Baptist Church TRAC Club

TRAC (Teens Redeemed and Called), Is a new Teen Club for ages 13-20 to teach you how to live a Christian life that brings glory to God and applies Biblical principles to your Daily Walk with Him.

It provides for the needs that teenagers have both socially and spiritually. By joining the TRAC club, you can discover the kind of person God wants you to BECOME so you can BLESS others with your gifts and talent.

Outside Activities will include visitation, scavenger hunts, service projects and socializing in various Teen Activities throughout the year.

TRAC is a Points based reward system that encourages and instills principals of Biblical growth and Christian Service.

TRAC will not only teach teen Christians to develop personal spiritual disciplines such as faithful church service attendance, bringing new teens to Church and teen functions, serving in at least one of the Church’s ministries along with teen soul winning, but it will also encourage and instruct teens to develop and practice a personal daily Bible reading and prayer time.

TRAC also encourages teens to listen to the messages preached by rewarding them for taking notes on the message during the regular and special preaching services.

TRAC promotes the reading of Christian books and biographies.

Some churches split the cost (which is very minimal) others shift the cost to the teens while others absorb the full cost.

We will absorb the cost of the program by investing in our teens. If you want to help out we will be receiving special offerings for the program throughout the year.

If you have any questions feel free to ask the sponsors, Jake and Sharon Williams, Don Shockey or Pastor Kerns.

The TRAC club will meet on Wednesday nights at 6:00.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be a founding charter member of the Bible Baptist Church TRAC club.